To help Client to become a top of the mind choice for hosting services in South East Asia. 


To provide the best technology solution for cloud hosting automation to simplify and optimize cloud resources management with transparent billing.

The solution must provide:

  • VMware virtualization solution, open-source orchestrator (OpenNebula)
  • HA-servers and SAS-standard SSD storage support
  • Ability to create and manage virtual resources (PAYG IaaS-based, Pre-Paid VPS)
  • Ability to sell additional digital resources (SSL, web-hosting)
  • Billing and payment management using local payment gateways
  • Multicurrency support
  • Multilanguage support
  • Simple end-user application
  • End-user support system 


The Client's Company was founded by a team of experienced professionals in the IT and business administration domains, who have a profound understanding of the evolving requirements of SMEs and individuals seeking to enhance their business operations. One of the primary challenges that businesses face in their transformation journey is the intricacies involved in server management. The Company recognizes that leveraging cloud technology to build an automation platform is crucial in simplifying and streamlining storage and server management tasks. This approach is integral to the Company's mission to become the premier hosting services provider in South East Asia.

With high-performance enterprise-level cloud infrastructure and reliable always on High Availability server meeting Data Center Tier3 standard The Company's offerings include a range of packages to suit every need, including a pay-as-you-go payment option, all supported by 24/7 IT support services to ensure seamless operations for clients.

Our company provided the Client with a cutomized version of our NoCloud platform, which is an intelligent, high-performance solution for cloud and hosting providers. This platform simplifies the process of building, selling and scaling geographically distributed cloud deployments by offering intelligent operations, self-service capabilities, and transparent administration of resources.

NoCloud functionality within (but not limited) this case: 

  • Enables service providers to sell faster and easier
  • Adds secure self-service & flexible billing
  • Reduces manual efforts
  • Evolves from traditional shared hosting to high margin VPS, containers & storage
  • Monetizes services and integrates additional added value digital services
  • Deploys virtual machines with managed software 

The flexible and open architecture of the NoCloud core allows for seamless integration with any cloud orchestrator or virtualization solution, such as the VMware technology virtualization solution used in this particular case. VMWare is a highly reliable enterprise-class virtualization solution that delivers robustness and stability to cloud servers. With this virtualization technology, applications and services on your virtual machine are guaranteed to run smoothly and efficiently, minimizing the risks of data loss or service disruption.

The NoCloud core includes built-in billing for resource usage, implemented through WHMCS in this instance. However, the open core architecture allows for integration with any payment processing service. In the current case the following payment gateways besides standard bank transfer were implemented through WHMCS: 

  • MOMO
  • AlePay Gateway
  • VTCPay Gateway
  • AliPay Gateway
  • PayPal

Our implementation also supports elastic configuration of resource calculation, allowing for the creation of tariffs for pay-per-use and pre-payment accounting. Our billing implementation supports any monetization model, including pre/post payment, usage time billing, suspended VMs billing, etc.

Our solution also includes integrations with hosting service and SSL providers, and the NoCloud core has the capability to integrate with hosting solutions from market leaders through affiliate programs. In addition, we deployed a support ticket system using WHMCS service integration.

Full list of customized and deployed functionality within the case:

cloud resources management

  • Creating a Virtual Machine templates
  • VM management
  • Network Control
  • Graphs
  • Rescaling
  • SSH Keys

end-user's application

  • Create VM (OS, CPU + RAM, Drive, Network, Payment options)
  • Operate VM (power off, reboot, reinstall, resize, disk control, network control, boot order, delete, snapshots, VNC)
  • Support ticket system
  • Place orders for Shared Hosting plans and get a quick access to control panel
  • Order SSL-certificates
  • Invoice system (add funds)
  • Multi language support

billing and payment management

  • Automatic Invoices
  • Clients profiles
  • Quick funds adding

selling additional services

  • Web hosting
  • SSL

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