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What cloud solutions will be popular in 2023?

1. Hybrid and multiclouds 

Companies will distribute data between the infrastructure of several providers or the infrastructure of the provider and their own - this approach will provide flexibility and security.

2. Edge Computing

Providers will store and process data as geographically close to customers as possible in order to expedite these processes and protect personal information.

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Cloud solutions based on them will become popular not only among customers, but also among the providers.

4. Services with low code or
no code

In services like Figma, Airtable, Zoho, you can create digital solutions without coding skills and your own computing power. In 2023, such services will increase in popularity.

5. Streaming video games

Perhaps, video games will no longer need either a game console or a sophisticated computer. Gamers will simply buy access to the service and play games from any device: smartphone, PC or even TV.

6. Security and resiliency

Companies will invest in cybersecurity solutions based on artificial intelligence. Imagine, it has already learned to predict cyber threats before problems arise!

7. Container orchestration platforms

It works like this. An independent part of the application is packaged in a container - a virtual environment isolated with the help of a special software. It stores the binary code of the application, along with everything you need to run it offline. Now this part of the application can be quickly and easily transferred to any platform. And in order for the containers to work smoothly, they are combined into an orchestration system. It coordinates the execution of tasks, manages the creation and removal of containers, and scales the infrastructure as a whole. The technology helps bring new IT products to market faster and, according to experts, will become even more popular in 2023.

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8. Internet of Things

Power engineers mount the load on substations and power lines, and doctors make diagnoses based on indicators from smart devices - and we will hear more and more such examples in 2023.

9. Virtual desktops in the cloud

Instead of installing software on their laptop, remote workers will be able to stream the operating system with all installed programs to their device.

10. Disaster Recovery

Now you can recover data even in the event of a natural disaster. In our unstable world, the service simply cannot fail to take off.

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